Cubase 9 Audio tracks aren't working, and now nothing is.

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Thus Erza
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Cubase 9 Audio tracks aren't working, and now nothing is.

Post by Thus Erza » Thu May 30, 2019 5:51 pm

The biggest on and off problem I have with Cubase is always about the tracks. While I didn't have this problem for the first year I had Cubase, it has suddenly come up and become a big problem to my work flow. Sometimes there is no audio output and sometimes it's just the tracks. I've looked online and through this form a lot. The closest answer I've been able to find is that my sound card is to weak for Cubase. However this problem started around when I got a real sound card instead of using my Macbook's built-in one. My Macbook's sound card has been consistently working up until now, I pretty sure I accidentally changed the settings but I don't know what to fix.

I do understand that Cubase prioritises other program's sound, that's not the problem. I'm looking for a solution that isn't waiting or closing and reopening.

Thank you.

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