Cubase 9.5 16 track setup problems

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Cubase 9.5 16 track setup problems

Post by WillMartin »

I'm trying to record 16 tracks at the same time.
Software: Cubase 9.5 Artist/Elements
Hardware: UR824
Second preamp: Behringer ADA8000
Setup: two ADAT cables and one coax - ADAT using the ADAT A in and out

I set up a bus for each channel. The channels associated with the UR824 work just fine. The ADAT connections seem to be working to control the ADA8000, which is set in slave mode. The "locked" light illuminates. The lights that indicate a signal is into the ADA8000 light up at each channel, but nothing makes it to Cubase. Each channel for the ADA8000 is set up with a bus: ADAT A in 1, ADAT A in 2, ADAT A in 3, etc.

What am I doing wrong? I cannot find a disconnected light pipe or any other obvious issue. It has to be some setting that I'm doing wrong.

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Re: Cubase 9.5 16 track setup problems

Post by Tdavito »

I am having a similar problem as you described. Did you ever
figure out what the problem was why no audio from ada8000 to Cubase?
Cubase 10.5/ Win Xp Intel quad-core 8 G Ram 1tb+1tb hd’s/ Frontier Design-Dakota, Montana adat cards/ M Audio Profire Lightbridge/ Behringer DDX3216-ADT1616 adat modules/ Behringer ada8000 mic-line pre's/ Steinberg Houston Control/ Alesis Adat/ BRC Master Control

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