Why do i have i have to pay for a update!?

Interested in Cubase Pro 9, Cubase Artist 9 or Cubase Elements 9? Having questions regarding the update or upgrade to the latest version? Please post here!
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Re: Why do i have i have to pay for a update!?

Post by Romantique Tp » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:43 pm

9.5 is a huge upgrade, what the hell are you even talking about? When you buy a x.5 update you're paying to use the features from the next major version early. People already explained the situation to you but you chose to ignore them and post bad examples.

Stduio One has a small market share so of course they'll do everything they can to appear nice. Meanwhile Ableton is offering an underwhelming update for over a hundred bucks.
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Re: Why do i have i have to pay for a update!?

Post by ultradust » Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:32 am


I find it interesting that here:
http://forum.renoise.com/index.php/topi ... ng-system/
a user of your AAMS 2.5 software who tried out version 3.0 was prompted to pay for a feature that already existed without cost in his current version.

According to your philosophy, surely the features and updates for just a .5-version upgrade of your AAMS should have been free?

I would think you would be leading the charge in free updates - perhaps free software across the board. Maybe you could post some AAMS Pro 3 licenses here in the forums for us to check out?

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Re: Why do i have i have to pay for a update!?

Post by tonychung » Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:16 am

I think the big confusion is that most software considers point-releases as patch updates, rather than paid upgrades. Cubase is unique in that there is a spring update with some features, and a winter update with more features, rather than a single major update and several minor updates through the year that improve the features. It's a different release strain, and I'm beginning to see it as a favorable alternative to a monthly subscription model (for example, Adobe Creative Cloud). At least with Cubase I don't have to update to every new major or .5 version if I don't want to.

However, there was a point when Cubase 7 experienced glitchy recording on my MacBook after I upgraded to Mavericks. I had to upgrade to 7.5 to fix that.


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