Help creating macro for enabling/disabling MIDI tracks in VEPro

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Re: Help creating macro for enabling/disabling MIDI tracks in VEPro

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-steve- wrote:
Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:23 pm

Note that the Enable/Disable track command is a toggle, so watch out for them getting out of sync, the two functions are not aware of one another. Hope that makes sense, let me know.
Hi Steve. The above answer to Max was re a different setup, but can you tell me if I need to, and how to, make sure my pedal is not sending conflicting messages for the current state of my VEP automation? ie if the instrument channel is already disabled, and a Disable message comes in, it could be causing the crashing of VEP?

Also, I have not found answers to my queries above, ie:

Using a pedal as a GR toggle, Should I have the Midi controller set as both Input and Output?

What settings do I use for the Flags in both upper (Receive, Transmit, Relative, Pickup) and lower pane (Pushbutton, Toggle, Not automated) of GR.

Should I start a new thread for these questions?

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