Cubase 9.5 and using VSTi as track or rack

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Cubase 9.5 and using VSTi as track or rack

Post by Denis van der Velde » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:24 pm

Cubase 9.5 and using VSTi as track or rack

I reloaded a track/song of Cubase SX3 / Cubase 6 to Cubase 9.x.
Now i have all instruments (drums and instruments) running on Groove Agent and Halion 6 as Track VSTi.
For me the two VSTi as track (groove agent and halion) has 2 extra VSTi mixer tracks, what i do not need.
I have all drums and instruments on midi tracks sending to the VSTi's Groove and Halion.
I tried setting op the Groove Agent as Rack and Halion 6 as Rack (removing the VSTi tracks and reloading them as Rack VSTi).
But it did not work had no audio anymore and was a hassle to figure out how to repair the song/track.

Can i remove the two VSTi Track Instruments (GV4 and H6) ? and replace them by Rack VSTi of them ?
(Without dameging permenantly, i know there is work involved to repair the midi and audio chain.
Just i did not figure out how to do this....
Thx Beforehand... :D :D :D :) :) :x :lol: :lol: :lol:
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