Project can not be saved - the project is corrupt

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Project can not be saved - the project is corrupt

Post by le_barde » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:27 am


I'm having an issue since 9.5.. never had that on previews versions.
Not sure what is causing it, but here for example I'm opening a project, working fine.
Just wanting to backup (backup project) to start a different version.
It does all it needs (copying, removing files...etc) but can't create the cpr file and say :
"project could not be saved because : the project is corrupt. No new project could be created".
What is weird is because if I just open that project and want to save it before doing the backup, it works fine.

First time I saw that message was when I copied an audio event from a project to another (having the 2 projects loaded).
Then it wouldn't let me save the project where I added the event, saying the same message.

There must be an issue somewhere. Didn't loose anything so far, but it makes me worried it could happen in a middle of a session.
I'll go crazy with saving new versions now :P

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Re: Project can not be saved - the project is corrupt

Post by Martin.Jirsak » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:53 pm


Isn't a permission issue? Do you have a permission to write to the folder?
Martin Jirsak

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