snap points in the editors discussion . also editor talk

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snap points in the editors discussion . also editor talk

Post by ggc » Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:49 pm


What do you think about the snap point bar?

Wouldn't it be easier it the "Event Start" and the "Event End" tabs n lines are snapable on their own in the audio editor?

- also -

The "Event Start" and the "Event End" tabs in the midi editor...
Say you want to click into the ruler bar to make the audio start from somewhere in the beginning without wanting to press stop/play or scrub... those tabs are in the way of being able to click n play in the start and end zones... wouldn't it make more sense to have those tabs a little lower than directly on the clickable area of the timeline? (like how it is in the audio editor)

also- while we are talking about editors...wouldn't it make sense to have audio editing capabilities in the audio editor? (scissors, eraser... you know.. the most basic audio editing tools minimally speaking..)

Thanks for your POV =)

have a great weekend=)

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