Need help with bus and signal strenght

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Need help with bus and signal strenght

Post by marcono »

Ok i will go straight to the point with the best information i can give(sry for my english)

Im trying to record with a UR22 MK2.

Input 1 no problem. I don't see signal strength from input 2. When i open mix console by pressing F3, i see signal strength. But i will not see signal strength from the transport panel.(i can see signal strength from input1) i have all input 2 assign to the track. I can hear the guitar through speaker.

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Re: Need help with bus and signal strenght

Post by Martin.Jirsak »

Hi and welcome,

For recording, do you use 2 Mono tracks or 1 Stereo track? If you are using 2 Mono tracks, is the Mono In 2 selected as an input of the 2nd Audio track?
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