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Cubase AI

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Just installed the software that came with my brand new UR22C interface and although i can see the inputs 1 and 2 are being shown on the software i can't hear them and they say 'inactive' on the VST studio set up. might had that i am very inexperienced in these sort of things and so far i have only used Garage band for my musical stuff... Can anyone help???? Please? and yes I've got the latest drivers running directly from a tech support from steinberg. And yes i can hear myself on Garage band with the same interface but not on cubase... :|

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Re: Cubase AI

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Hi and welcome,

That means, the Audio Input has not been used in any track.

I would recommend to watch Steinberg Cubase Quick Start Video Tutorials.

Be aware, some menu entries has been renamed since Cubase 10:
- Devices = Studio
- Device Setup = Studio Setup
- VST Connections = Audio Connections
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