Audio device changes issue

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Audio device changes issue

Post by InesDlm »

I recently started to have issues when changing my audio interface from my native realtek to my TV screen's audio. When I start a project on either one everyhting seems to be fine. But when I change it, even after changing the ports of my stereo bus I have no sound at all, and I have to recreate all of my instrument tracks in the project for it to work again. I tried restarting the program and even my computer but it doesn't solve the problem, it actually makes it worse because even when I go back to the device I started the project on, it won't work either. I don't know if it's useful to say but I initially had Cubase 8 LE and never had this issue until I updated to Cubase AI LE 10.5

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Re: Audio device changes issue

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Hi and welcome,

Can you see the meters on the tracks after the switch? Can you see the meters on the Stereo Out Channel? Did you use Cubase 8 as 32- or 64-bit application?
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