Steinberg download assistant can't start

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Re: Steinberg download assistant can't start

Post by VaBa »

I just registered here to report what my solution was: In my case I had deleted the standard "Downloads" folder in Windows 10. As SDA "needs" that folder, it wouldn't start. So I created the "Download" folder again, and the program would start.

Moving the Aria2 folder would also make SDA start (in fact that deactivates Aria2), but then I would have to download all the packages one by one in the browser and install them one by one - not an option.

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Re: Steinberg download assistant can't start

Post by phides »

After months using SDA without aria2, update 1.16.3 messed it up, I need it fully functioning to download a fresh version of Absolute 4. I've tried some suggestions from this topic. I even replaced aria2 with the GitHub package, 32 and 64bit. Nothing worked.

My solution (Windows):

(Steinberg Download Assistant not running...)

- Run regedit from a command prompt in admin mode
- Go to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\net\steinberg\elicenser\download]
- Joyfully annihilate that [download] key with its subkeys

Just for the fun, my download (UNC) path "\\QNAP-451\_VMWin8\Steinberg" as stored by (now working) aria2 in the registry:


What's this?!

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