Why text frames and image frames get stuck at the same page?

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Why text frames and image frames get stuck at the same page?

Post by WestonMicah » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:30 am


I created a text frame at the beginning of the second movement of my piece, while the first movement was not finished yet.
Now that I completed the first movement, the text frame stayed at the same exact page, which is now the middle of my the first movement, instead of being linked to the first music frame of the second movement, which is as it should be in another flow.

It is a bit frustrating, because text frames cannot be cut and pasted so I need to create another one, readjust it at the same size, and then copy the text inside the frame. And if I add things in the first movement, I might be forced to do the same thing again.

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Re: Why text frames and image frames get stuck at the same page?

Post by pianoleo » Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:39 am

From the right panel of Engrave mode you can right-click any page and “Copy selected frame(s)”.

As to the “why”, well, because frames are designed to stick to a page, not to a flow. Use Shift-X or Shift-Alt-X text if you want text that moves with the music.
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Re: Why text frames and image frames get stuck at the same page?

Post by Lillie Harris » Mon Mar 30, 2020 12:27 pm

You can also swap page overrides with neighbouring pages. If you haven't overridden any other pages, you can keep swapping that page's overrides along with the next page, then the next etc until it's on the correct page.

If you added a frame because you wanted it to be part of the flow heading, you could either edit the flow heading so all flow headings show the additional frame, or design a new flow heading that you can apply to the page with the start of that flow. That way, should you ever need to remove overrides to that page, your design is saved. Similarly, you could design a custom master page as well.

In general, it's better in Dorico to try to wait until you've got all your music in before making frame additions etc, just because graphical page-based edits like resizing frames, adding frames etc don't stick with the music but with the page, as Leo said.

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