Soundcloud export, v. 2

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Soundcloud export, v. 2

Post by rtorstrick » Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:38 pm

OK, another issue came up. Following success at home, and my advice to a nonprofit I'm associated with, they purchased WE 9.5. On first attempt to upload to Soundcloud from there, the usual events seemed to be happening. Browser opened, logged in to Soundcloud, the window pops up indicating logged in, asking whether to give Steinberg Upload Manager permission to access the account. Hit the continue button and... The very same screen opens in a new browser window, asking for the same permission, etc. Hitting continue button here brings back yet another window, asking the same thing. This happens every time, each time opening a new window, for as many times as one wishes, each time the window is identical.

I repeated this with the identical behaviors resulting using both Chrome and Firefox as the default browser. I also tried clearing cookies and browser history, to no avail.

Egg on face with nonprofit, now.

Any ideas to get this to work??
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