Frequency can be used in Wavelab 9.5 ?

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Frequency can be used in Wavelab 9.5 ?

Post by Denis van der Velde » Fri Feb 22, 2019 2:14 pm

Frequency can be used in Wavelab 9.5 ?

I have C10 and there is EQ Frequency in there. Sometimes i save the settings for use in other software.
I cant find Frequency in Wavelab 9.5, i would like to proces samples and audio in wavelab with frequency...

Can that be done ?

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Re: Frequency can be used in Wavelab 9.5 ?

Post by Gentoo » Sat Feb 23, 2019 6:37 am

If so, I am almost sure you'd have to have Wavelab Pro. It won't load in Elements.

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