Is unlocking a one time thing?

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Is unlocking a one time thing?

Post by boingy »

A bit of a rookie question.

How does the Cubasis LE unlock work on iPad?
Does the hardware need to be connected at all times or is it a "connect once to unlock" thing? Does it need periodically "refreshing"?

In other words, does the software revert to Demo mode as soon as you disconnect the hardware?

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Re: Is unlocking a one time thing?

Post by LSlowak »

Hi boingy,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis LE gets unlocked from demo mode, once a compatible hardware device is connected.

It is not required to have the hardware permanently connected to use the app afterwards.

However it can appear, that the app has to be unlocked again after some point.
In any case, uninstalling the app, or re-installing the app to another iPad device requires the app to be unlocked again.

Hope that helps.

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