Copying Programs

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Copying Programs

Post by Liverpool77 »

A feature that I use when tracking using GarageBand is copying a project many times to use a slaves or for alternative versions. I can't seem to do this with Cubasis or am I missing something? I have many projects where I want to try out different mixes and not loose the original.

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Re: Copying Programs

Post by LSlowak »

Hi Liverpool77,

Cubasis allows to create snapshots, which is a duplicate from your project in a specific state.

To create a snapshot:

- go to the MediaBay
- select the appropriate project
- tap the "camera" icon

Below please find the in-app help extract that describes the feature more in detail.


Duplicates the selected file. Use Snapshot to create a version from your project in a specific state. You can always go back to that state by loading the snapshot. When loading a snapshot, a copy of the snapshot with a unique name is created automatically to ensure that a snapshot is not overwritten accidentally.
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