Downmix presets button not aligned

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Downmix presets button not aligned

Post by gvs »

Hey guys,

Here's another brain teaser for you:

When I go to the downmix preset section in the control room part right of the Nuendo mixer window, and I press on the little arrow so change the preset from mono to stereo or 5.1 etc; it changes to the preset below that.
downmix preset circle.jpg
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downmix preset.jpg
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So when I press on the Stereo preset, it will load the Mono preset... And the only way to get it back to the preset at the top, is to open the mix convert window.
In the end I can change it to the right preset, but it is annoying to go into the mixconvert window eveytime I need to change my presets.

Is there a way to reset these presets (since it might be a buggy heritance from my nuendo 6.5 32 bit to nuendo 7 64 bit), or does anyone know how to fix this issue?


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