Avid Artist

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Avid Artist

Post by etl17 »

If you are currently using the Avid Artist Mix and/or Control surfaces with Nuendo 7,

- would you recommend it ?
- are you encountering any problems / issues (stability, Eucon driver etc)?

I am thinking to retire my old (but trusty) HUI and I was wondering if I should go the Eucon route....
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Heiner Einbier
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Re: Avid Artist

Post by Heiner Einbier »

Mine's Artist Mix here, might be getting a Transport as well soon.
- Works seamlessly with Nuendo, setting it up is a piece of cake
- Automation is tight, precise and miles above what MCP or a generic controller will do for you
- Display is very readable, looks great
- Faders, encoders an buttons are lovely to handle
- The unit looks damn sexy
- The faders are LOUD! Not as bad as e.g. the BCF2000, but too loud for the price, imho.
- The EuCon application bugs the cr@p out of you when the unit is turned off or disconnected

That about sums up my experience to date (had mine for about 2 months now, had a JL Cooper before)
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Re: Avid Artist

Post by Getalife2 »

I have 2 Artist Mix and they are working great with N7 over here. Zero hassle.
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Re: Avid Artist

Post by Keyplayer »

I had a relativly tough transition from 6.5 to 7 with my MC Control. Eucon kept crashing and giving me an error message about not being able to find ExHUI.exe.
Eucon HUI Error Message.jpg
(29.43 KiB) Not downloaded yet
It continues to show up on every re-boot. I haven't been able to figure this out yet. But It doesn't seem to keep the unit from working.

Once I got the crashes sorted out , there was a period where the colors of all the tracks were greyed out. I don't know why it happened or why it stopped. But after several re-boots concerning other issues, the colors went back to normal. So, now everything seems to be working as it should and I am finally back to work.
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