20 years of Nuendo: a personal THANK YOU

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20 years of Nuendo: a personal THANK YOU

Post by TimoWildenhain »

Dear all,

Today I have the great pleasure to announce the celebration of “20 years of Nuendo”. Back in the year 2000, Steinberg released a software that would not only encompass all functions of the back-then already popular Cubase product, but a more exclusive product for professionals that also includes features for audio post-production. Nuendo was born, and over the years, introduced many unique and industry-new features, many of which are Nuendo exclusives still today.

Features ranging from MediaBay (Nuendo 4) over Batch Export (Nuendo 5), ADR System (Nuendo 6), Game Audio Connect & ReConforming (Nuendo 7) to Randomizer & Direct Offline Processing (Nuendo 8) and Video Rendering & ADM support (Nuendo 10), have left their footprint in the history of the product and our industry. The strength of Nuendo has always been the close integration of as many workflows as possible. In all these years, Nuendo has seen a great development. 2019 was the most successful Nuendo year in it’s product history.

This long and successful journey has only been possible because of: you. It is your engagement, your contribution, your patience, your love for this product, that made Nuendo what it is today: the world’s most versatile audio application. It is you that drives us at Steinberg, to achieve the best and innovative solutions (even sometimes in heated discussions here in the forums 😉).

So, we not only owe you a great DAW application, but a big THANK YOU for being a loyal customer, contributer and a member of the Nuendo family for many years. We might not be the “biggest” user group in the world, but Nuendo, as a premium product, has tens of thousands of users all around the globe that are very skilled and work on the most impressive TV series, films, games, albums, immersive sound projects, live recording sessions, in Virtual Reality and Broadcast.

We very much appreciate your engagement and we’d love to stay in contact with you here in the forums, further on. That said, I take the chance to personally thank my dear friend Fredo Gevaert, who’s been helping to moderate this forum for more than a decade. Fredo, the forums wouldn’t be the same without your voice and I believe many users owe you one or the other “tipps and tricks”.

Now, we would have loved to celebrate this anniversary together with you in local events. Unfortunately, we’re facing difficult times and therefore “celebrating” might not be the right word. The creative industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. I had quite a few conversations with studios around the world; while many of them are very concerned about the current situation, I also received positive outlooks on future projects.

To all of you who have plans to update/upgrade the studio: we’re standing with you throughout this crisis and reduced the price of any Nuendo version by 40%.

More information: Nuendo 10 40% discount

Thank you again.

Truly yours,
Timo Wildenhain - Head of Business Unit
Professional Audio Unit
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
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Re: 20 years of Nuendo: a personal THANK YOU

Post by augustineL »

Hey Timo -Ive been with Cubase since 1994 and Nuendo since it came out. It's still brilliant. Please get rid of the dongle though ;)
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