Adjusting Length of Standard Fades

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Adjusting Length of Standard Fades

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I'm wondering where I can find the option to adjust the length of my standard fade in and out in Nuendo 7?

I have key commands set up for I and O to automatically put in a fade in and out of one frame each but the the fade out has somehow been changed to 20 frames out as the standard setting. How can I alter this?


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Re: Adjusting Length of Standard Fades

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Following ....

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Re: Adjusting Length of Standard Fades

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The way i've always done it is after you add your standard fade in/out, you can double click the top corner of the region and a fade editor will come up. In the top right corner of that window there is a section that you can adjust the standard fade (Photo Attached). It should say in your situation, just change the 20 to how ever many frames you want for your standard fade. After that you can repeat with the other end of the region.
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