Install fails on Yosemite - SOLVED

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Install fails on Yosemite - SOLVED

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I try to install on OSX 10.10.2 and Wavelab LE says it must be at least 10.6 Duh.

I am in support hell. To get support I need to activate the software. To activate the software I need to install it (but it won't! that's why I need supprort) or I need to use an eLicenser USB (what the *$!& is that????)

Anyone managed to get this working yet? I see other threads with no answer. is there no-one from Steinberg on this forum?


UPDATE - Solved.

1. Download Wavelab LE (
2. Register the software and get the activation code
3. Download the latest version of the eLicenser application and run maintenance.
4. Download and install the Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Yosemite ... aitfy.html
5. Install Wavelab LE as a trial version
6. Quit Wavelab
7. Run the eLicenser software and activate Wavelab

Wavelab should now run OK on Yosemite.

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