wavelab 8 LE and VST

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da goose
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wavelab 8 LE and VST

Post by da goose »

I got myself a copy of WL8 LE (through the keys magazine) for on my laptop so that I can check mixes that come in for mastering without getting to my studio. This saves me some time and it''s just for checking levels and things.
The only thing i'm wondering is if wl8LE supports vst pluginns other then the standard steiberg plugins? It looks like it doesn't or am i missing something here?

Joel Gragg
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Re: wavelab 8 LE and VST

Post by Joel Gragg »

Hello Da Goose,

Wavelab LE8 will support 3rd party VST 2.0,2.4 and VST 3 plug-ins. You can go to Options>Plug-In Settings. There you can select additional VST Plug-In folders and Force Plug-Ins detection at next launch.
Joel Gragg
Steinberg US Support

Flyfishing Farmer 1
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Re: wavelab 8 LE and VST

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Hi Joel,
I'm new to the forum. Saw your post regarding wlLE8 and VST. I'm having a heck of a time getting Blue Cat FreqAnalyst VST 2.1 to work with LE8. Will it not support VST 2.1? I can't get it to come up in the LE8 "effects panel". Really at a loss on what to try next? Since this is a first time for me trying a plug-in, I may be missing something very elementary?

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