Direct Download for Standalone Software?

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Direct Download for Standalone Software?

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Hello there,

Would you guys happen to have a standalone direct download link for WaveLab LE and Cubase LE?

One of our staff members have purchased a Zoom H5 Recorder and is requesting for IT (Myself) to assist in installing the software.

Unfortunately, we have a very strict Firewall system blocking cloud related software and websites. I can add the URL that the cloud is pointing to or the better choice is a standalone package that I can store on our software database.

Kind regards,

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Re: Direct Download for Standalone Software?

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If you're talking about Cubase LE 9.5 and WaveLab LE 9.5, then I'd recommend downloading the stand-alone packages via Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA).

The SDA can be downloaded here:

SDA let's you download platform-specific version of the software, just select your desired platform in the "Operating System" control.
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