Load Plugins while Recording without dropout

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Load Plugins while Recording without dropout

Post by ResonantMind » Thu Nov 03, 2016 3:41 am

Never understood this, I understand it's impossible to load a plugin while recording... but why cause a dropout/stop recording? Just hold/grey out the plugin and don't fully load it until the recording is manually stopped, then load the plugins. It would be handy because, I could be listening to a recording and be thinking "this vocal is going to need this plugin first, followed by this one, a bit of this plugin, then add this distortion plugin, followed by this plugin for refinement" and then as soon as I stop recording, Cubase would complete loading them in and they'd be ready to go.

Almost like task automation.

Nothing should cause a recording to stop other than 'stop recording'. There are a few other instances like this, I think turning plugins on/off, also causes it.


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