Name region groups (and) auto-assign groups different colors

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Name region groups (and) auto-assign groups different colors

Post by orchetect » Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:33 pm


(I suppose this feature request is part of a larger request regarding a system for stemming. Anyhow...)

I have a particular workflow in Cubase where I stem music cues by grouping regions together.
ie: 1 region group = 1 stem

I realize grouped regions show a little "grouped icon" over top of them, but when there are multiple different groups, you can't tell them apart unless you select a region.

Idea: Allow region groups to have a user-assigned Group Name that appears over top of the regions, and optionally group-assigned color
  • Allow there to be a user-assigned Group Name that shows up where the "group icon" over top of regions currently is. Or even just an automatically-incremented Group Number that shows over the regions.
  • A user-defined region color could also accompany the group ID and automatically apply to that particular group of regions. So as soon as you group regions, they take on the same assigned color. And when you ungrouped a group, it reset the color of all those regions back to default (no color).
  • It could then make sense to have a Group List inspector or window that (like the Markers window) shows a list of all region groups which can then be selected or un-groupable from there, and where you can view and assign each group's name and associated color.
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