Opportunities with touch

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Opportunities with touch

Post by Wedoh » Mon Oct 31, 2016 4:09 pm


When i first saw the Microsoft Surface Studio and Dial i thought to my self. How could would it be to edit audio right on the screen with the Surface Dial and a touch pen?

I imagine myself cutting audio regions right on the screen with the pen, through a gesture from top to bottom splicing an audio region in no time. Painting fades right on audio region, with Cubase automatically drawing a nice linear fade from where the pen stroke first started on the audio file to where it ends. Making it possible to quickly just draw a line where you imagine the fadein or out to be, without any precise movement.
And to move audio regions by first marking them with the touch of a finger and then moving them with the precise control of the Surface Dial.

When i imagine this, the editing is just like if i where holding a razor blade, cutting tape right on the screen. A sort of physical feeling that works faster and more intuitive then using a mouse and keyboard.

I would love to see some kind of Cubase Touch version for PC and Mac, to use with for example the Raven MTI or Surface Studio!


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