fixed windows.simple midi editor

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fixed windows.simple midi editor

Post by shahafuf » Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:00 am

1) simple and fixed design and window handling a-la in cubasis /ableton
no floating/jumping /disappearing windows. no auto scroll while editing /selecting objects.maybe more 'intelligent' auto scroll.
2) midi editor to show o n l y selected part.
a la cubase 1/ableton .
no need to double click on a part ,that not showing content since song position is and usable zoom on edited part .
at least , have that as an option.
3)fix independent loop behaviour. bring back independent loop repeat to audio parts
4) free drag and drop audio in and out of cubase /media bay / third party vst's (kontakt etc.)
5) bigger and clearer automation points.
6) free midi controller learn to all vst's and parameters.


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