Drum Editor, Drum Visibility Agents - Hide muted

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Drum Editor, Drum Visibility Agents - Hide muted

Post by LarsErik » Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:03 pm

Short version:
I would like an option in the Drum Visibilty Agents in the Drum Editor to only shows Drum Sounds that are un-muted.

Could perhaps be called "Show Drum Sounds with un-muted instruments" or somethings like that.

Long and tedious version:
I create drum maps for all my percussive VST-instruments. Most of them only have like 8 to 16 "sounds" so when I create the drum map I mute all other notes and clear out their names to get a better overview in the midi drum editor. For example, here's how my Arturia Spark2 drum map looks in the Drum Map Editor.


In use on a midi track this Spark2 drum map looks like this:

The Drum Visibility Agents in the Drum Editor has viewing filters like "Show Drum Sounds with Events", but the problem with this viewing filter is that I don't want to hide instruments I haven't used yet. Instead I want the sounds available to me to be shown and the others hidden. I think controlling this with the mutes gives a lot of flexibility.

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