rhythmic notation

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rhythmic notation

Post by banna »

Hello, I searched everywhere but didn't get an answer. I am a piano teacher preparing little pieces for children. Part of it is an improvisation exercise, when main melodies are written but some bars I leave blank for children to fill in. Above the staff I would like to add rhythm as a starting point, which I would show above the staff.
How can I write rhythm only without the stave? I tried using drum but it is over complicated and I can still see the 5 lines.
Is there any way I could do it in Cubase?

Thank you!

Something like on the attached picture.
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Re: rhythmic notation

Post by raino »

I'm not at my DAW and don't recall the exact steps. But the manual should give you the details on how to do this. Basically any element(s) within the Score can be hidden so you don't see them. So you'd do your rhythm on a staff like normal and then hide the staff's graphic elements while leaving the notes visible.

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