Please add Audiobus support!

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Please add Audiobus support!

Post by Alternatore »

Dear Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH,

I use and love Nanologue, and would love to see Audiobus support added to it.

Audiobus ( provides a free and easy to integrate SDK for developers, and allows participating apps to send live audio to each other.

I think Nanologue could really benefit from being a part of the Audiobus community.

Many thanks.

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Re: Please add Audiobus support!

Post by Guillermo »


We know Audiobus, we are also part of that community, Cubasis already supports Audiobus.
Unfortunately as Nanologue was a free VST none further development is plan for it.
Still I will pass this to the devs.
Perhaps it can be implemented for any other future iOS Synths.

Best regards,
Guillermo Navarrete, Online Product Specialist
Hamburg, Germany
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Re: Please add Audiobus support!

Post by sedgetone »

I hope you can find a couple of development hours to bring make it iOS8 compatible.

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