Hey Sky (Take off your hat)..A New Song

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Hey Sky (Take off your hat)..A New Song

Post by planarchist »

Three months into my release a song a month self-set challenge here (bizarrely) is my third song. Any feedback always welcome. Cheers!

For those interested in the songwriting aspect (I know it still confuses me 40+ years after I started)...this started with the line "Hey Sky take off your hat, I'm on my way" which wads Valentina Tereskova's exclamation as the blasted off to be the first woman in space. This refrain was bouncing around my brain for ages until I came up with the concept of trying to write the rest of the song around Astronaut and Cosmonaut quotations.......so essentially spacemen wrote my lyric. :lol:

Share and enjoy. :D

https://open.spotify.com/track/7H3Tps36 ... uUOVj2Mrqg

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