Red...yet another demo :)

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Cookie Jarvis
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Red...yet another demo :)

Post by Cookie Jarvis »

Here's a little something I did today. The recording is complete but there's no mixing yet...I'm working on an album and will wait till I have all the material ready so I can mix everything at the same time. Anyways this is just a stereo export with a bit of "magic" in Sound Forge to make it presentable- ... 44-reddemo

This piece is part of a larger suite...this is the fourth part finished. I don't know how many parts there will be, I tend to play things by ear ;)

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Re: Red...yet another demo :)

Post by hko »

I quite liked the intro/first part but when the piece enters the second part at around 1:22, the piece seems to loose focus (to me there seem to be it bit too many overlapping themes without a leading theme).
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