[Music] Ferocious Tongues

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[Music] Ferocious Tongues

Post by Stephco »

They can do so many things.... Talk, Eat, Whistle, Kiss , Lick, etc...

You can listen to Ferocious Tongues here : https://soundcloud.com/user-756452695/ferocious-tongues
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Re: [Music] Ferocious Tongues

Post by swetch »

Haven't checked in of the forum in a few months. As always with your shares, I like this track. Nice and innovative approach and ideas. I still hear Joe Zawinul and his Dialects album in there somewhere. Great stuff, and particularly like what you did with the percussion track towards the end. Nice use of space to highlight and create dynamics. The track "breathed".

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Re: [Music] Ferocious Tongues

Post by Freya009 »

The percussion track at the end is great.

Very innovative and great.

As always keep up the good work.
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Re: [Music] Ferocious Tongues

Post by RuskinF »

I liked the percussion in the song, too.
It is great.
The approach towards this kind of song is very vivid.

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Re: [Music] Ferocious Tongues

Post by Early21 »

This is another great one, Stephco. You have so many great ideas.
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