Some promo songs produced with Nuendo & My Hardware Synths

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Some promo songs produced with Nuendo & My Hardware Synths

Post by Rotund » Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:35 pm

I use Nuendo here in my studio and I've produced some videos promoting my synth presets. The music was sequenced, tracked, mixed and mastered in Nuendo at 24bit/44khz via the Audient ASP-880. These 3 videos are just short songs (2:00) using the synth in question to produce all the sounds. We added lots of text overlays which describe the synth presets and the mixes/arrangements. I hope this is ok...I own the rights and it was all produced with Nuendo.

OB-6 Preset Demonstration Song

Prophet Rev2 Preset Demonstration Song

Sub 37 Preset Demonstration Song

Thanks for reading!
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