External PCIe Expansion KIT - $200 USD???

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External PCIe Expansion KIT - $200 USD???

Post by peterfitz »

I've run out of PCIe slots on my 2007 MacPro 2x2.66 and I've found this,
External PCIe Expansion KIT - do you reckon it would work?

http://www.ioi.com.tw/products/proddeta ... ID=1130002

I've emailed them and it's only $200 USD which is a tenth of the price of a Magma case

External PCIe Expansion
PCIe x4 to four PCIe x1 Expansion Backplane Kit

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Re: External PCIe Expansion KIT - $200 USD???

Post by neilwilkes »

I have never seen that before, looks like a lot of self assembly.
Just ordered one of these though..
http://www.span.com/product_info.php?cP ... s_id=28381

Apparently works really well with UAD-2
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Re: External PCIe Expansion KIT - $200 USD???

Post by HowlingUlf »

Ooooh! Moving in the right direction! :D
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Re: External PCIe Expansion KIT - $200 USD???

Post by Bernard Focquet »

I see no reason why this does not work.

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Re: External PCIe Expansion KIT - $200 USD???

Post by Hugh »

Hello Neil,
Please keep us posted how this works.

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Re: External PCIe Expansion KIT - $200 USD???

Post by JMCecil »

I need a PCIe to PCI one of these. I have some UAD-1 PCI cards I'd like to use again, but I have all PCIe slots now.
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Re: External PCIe Expansion KIT - $200 USD???

Post by Patanjali »

neilwilkes wrote:..., looks like a lot of self assembly.
It fits into any MicroATX PC case. Just bolt it in the case where a motherboard would go and connect to the power supply. About 10 minutes work.

That would do for four UAD2 Quads!

We have come a long way since the Magma extortion.

But it's only in Taiwan, and no resellers yet.
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