Purchasing Question About The Steinberg CC121

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Purchasing Question About The Steinberg CC121

Post by FShkreli » Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:18 am

I am a Cubase power-user and, having just installed Cubase 6 -- I feel I am right where I need to be, as far as productivity work-flow is concerned. However, I was looking into the Steinberg CC121 Advanced Integration Controller, and was wondering if anybody who has it or has used it in the past can shed some experience with it? Does it make their work-flow better? Obviously, I'm not looking into it because of its uni-channel mixer fader; I'm more concerned with how it's changed the work-flow of users. So, is this a good addition to a home recording studio, or not? Also, can it be used with other DAW's?
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