Experiences on Carillon w/ C5 or 6?

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Experiences on Carillon w/ C5 or 6?

Post by Arijalmari » Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:43 am

I'm considering Carillon Tower 1 for the next DAW. So I'd be glad to hear about your experiences on running C5 or 6 with Carillon?

Since I'm on a (s**tty) Vista 32bit laptop with C4 and 5 for now (with C6 waiting on the shelf), I've no actual idea about e.g. whether to go with the dual boot (Win7 32/64bit) option they offer. The price seems fair. They also mentioned/recommended jbridge, which they've found good.

There's also the question of the interface, for which I have presonus firebox. So - what would Stockhausen do with a 1k£ limit?
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