firewire and usb questions!

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firewire and usb questions!

Post by thehornyscotsman » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:40 pm

hello there,

im in need of a new interface, ive ruled out pci/pci express as they are either to expensive or i just dont fancy them that much which only leaves firewire and usb,

i only have one firewire port on my pc which is being used by my liquid mix which means getting a pci/pci express firewire card, so my question is this,

would running a pci firewire card alongside on board firewire cause any problems or would i be better getting a card that has multiple inputs for both the interface and liquid mix,

regarding usb:

it would appear that most favour firewire over usb because the transfer rate varies to much with usb, especially when using higher samplerates,

is this only an issue if you are recording multiple inputs at the same time, so for someone like me who only records 1 track at a time this would be perfectly acceptable, or would this be an issue on playback also, cheers


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