laptop with i7-8565U CPU strong enough ?

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laptop with i7-8565U CPU strong enough ?

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Hi.. many years since i bought a laptop.
thinking of lenovo p53s which has i7-8565U CPU.(4 core)
(searching for laptops i saw many powerful options with i7-H (6 core),but it might be too expensive at the moment or its noticeably worth it over i7-U ?)

i won't go crazy like making film score style 200 VSTi. its more for pop-rock-EDM etc works with some kontakt 'Halion GA5 etc...probably about 30 VSti and some vst fx
ill go with 16 to 32 ram
beside lenovo p53s any ideas or recommended laptops that work well with DAW//cubase and have TB3 usb-c for about 1000-1200 $ ?
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