Is UR22 mk2 WEAK-sauce for dynamic mics?

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Is UR22 mk2 WEAK-sauce for dynamic mics?

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From googling I see lots of people who can't get a good level out of a dynamic mic when attached to the inputs of the UR22.

I have a Yamaha mixer which gets good levels from this mic, and I have a Boss digital recorder, both get great levels. But with the UR22 and the input gain all the way up, I can barely get a signal from the UR22's inputs with the dynamic mic.

With phantom power on and a CONDENSOR (that needs phantom power) I have good levels from the UR22, but with a DYNAMIC mic (SM57), I can't get a peak at all. It's incredibly surprising to me.

Maybe my next interface won't be a steinberg? What do other people do? Do you run into a mic pre and then into your audio interface?


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