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routing miditrack to my Deepmind12

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 8:12 am
by Dschiesus
Hello cubaseers,
i have a problem that, before turning to you, i tried to discuss on the cubasegroup on facebook. Since im really frustrated and tired by now i allow myself to copy my posts of that discussion, which basicalls was a monologe, instead of writing a new essay. i hope you dont judge me for that. If anybody has an idea, im still sure its a supersimpel thing i just dont see, i would be very thankfull for i am really deppresed by now. thx guys

hello evverybody,

i have a lil problem as follows:
i want to setup my deepmind12 synth in cubase 10, i had it done before all worked as i wanted it but my template that i then always used got *knuf* up somehow and i just cant figure out what i did different back then. i have the deepmind connected to my audiointerface via two cables as a stereo setup and one midi-cable for midinotes. i want to be able to play something and record the midi notes, route the recorded midi-track back to the deepmind as inputsource to be able to fiddle with the knobs while it playsback and record that signal at the same time.
so i create a midi track, input set to all midisources and it works fine. the notes get recorded. i also created a audiotrack with the input set to the channels of my audiointerface that my deepmind is connected to. that also works just fine, i hear the deepmind when i play. problem now is i just cant figure out how to route the miditrack back to my deepmind. as destination i dont have the option of the audiotrack representing the deepmind. when i go studio/studiosetup/midi/midiconnectionsetup i see also besides my focusrite and hammer 88 the deepmind as a device and its visible and active both in in and out but i dont get it as option for the destination of my recorded miditrack! what am i missing?
thx to everybody taking time to read this

edit: the deepmind actually is shown as destination for the miditrack but it dont reach the deepmind. is there anotherway to set it up but through a audio track? have i set it up wrong? man, i know allready its a complete stupid mistake but i just dont see it right now...

Well... okay, i now really feel stupid. Actually the deepmind is connected, besides the two guitarcables(dont know the Word in english) that go to the audiointerface, with a USB Cable to the pc! As said, i had it setup before and it worked just fine. The MIDI gets transported by the usbcable but the way Back is the Problem.

I dont get it. I tried connecting the midi-out of my audiointerf. to my in on the deepmind, selected output to deepmind on the MIDItrack and still Notting.

im still puzzled and slowly freaking out. i had the feeling that somehow cubase dont register the connected deepmind as the deepmind that is setup in the midi connections. however, when i power off the deepmind and then open the project with the miditrack that has it outgoing destination set to the deepmind a window pops up saying that the deepmind is not found. i switch it on and the window closes and it enters the project. soooo... the deepmind seems to be registered correctly but the *knuf* thing dont receive the send midinotes or the midinotes dont get send i... am frustrated. anybody any idea? no matter how simple?

Re: routing miditrack to my Deepmind12

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 4:14 pm
by Dschiesus
okay... i... ah, i found the problem. i knew it would be ashaming but, yeah... the midi-channels werent alligned! cubase was transporting on channel 2 while the synth was set to 1!