Recommendations: Looking for QUICK new/used barbones system

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Recommendations: Looking for QUICK new/used barbones system

Post by suntower » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:43 am


For some reason, in short order -all- my bespoke DAW machines have been dropping like flies. And I have decided that I am SICK of building new PCs. All the ones I have which have died are Haswells and they have been just fine for my needs. I use the integrated video so no need for gamer video card or any other fluff. So what I'm wondering is this:

Is there a reputable place I can get a used barebones machine, with i7/Mobo/PSU/RAM for a couple hundred bucks and I just pop in my SSDs and HDs, re-install Windows and go? Don't care if it's used or refurbished so long as it's a reputable place.

The ONLY caveat is that it -has- to have at least ONE of the original old school PCI card slots because I've got RME 9652 cards.

Thoughts? Sources? I want to get something going like TOMORROW.

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