Yamaha n8 and Cubase Studio 4

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Yamaha n8 and Cubase Studio 4

Post by C.J. »

Hello fellow Cubase Users... Firstly - Happy New Year to all....... Have a problem and need my fellow Cubase advisers........

My Current setup is 2 Yamaha n8's and was contemplating getting a MR816csx..... Now, after contemplating my needs for extra "Mixing" channels seeing that I don't really need more preamps, I eventually opted for another Yamaha N8. Ordered from sweetwater yesterday.... In my country the exchange rate is 6 to 1 US dollar.. "So Price was also an issue"....
Anyways, Since Last saturday, I did a mix on a song, and LOVED the Mix... I mean "to me at least" it was one of the best mixes I did on the Yamaha's..... I do my own mastering as well... "It came out great" "Mix/Master with Cubase Studio 4 & Yamaha Mixers + UAD Plugins....

Yamaha FW Driver 1.2.0 x64 - VISTA x64
Extentions- x32
Cubase Studio 4
2 Yamaha n8's (going to add a 3rd)
Gigabyte EX58-UD3r Motherboard
i7 920 - not overclocked
Corsair ddr3 XMS Platinum series ram
Super beefy Thermaltake 750 Powersupply
(This combo works for me)

On Sunday, made the decision to opt for my 3rd Yamaha n8 + made some changes to the studio. Moved around some stuff + Redesigning the studio = But left the two mixers IN PLACE... All settings and everything were set since saturday. + One Change though.....---- Removed a LYNX TWO A PCI card from my computer as this was my previous system before the mixers.......
Now After setting back up everything and having made the extra space for the third mixer -- Decided to re-load he song from saturday and all of a sudden,, the VST Performance meter is "CONSTANTLY SPIKING" Whereas the saturday before while recording the SAME song, the VST Meter was reading about less than half - which is not much....
This baffled me to say that least, seeing that all I did, as far as the computer is concerned, is removed my previous Lynx Card... So I said OK, Let me go an uninstall the Lynx drivers manually. Did that -- Went into the registry --- removed everything "LYNX" that I could find --- Removed all directories that the Uninstallation left back... Reloaded Cubase Studio 4 and the song --- SPIKES, SPIKES and more SPIKES.....

Being seriously Confused by this, I Decided to Uninstall the Yamaha drivers and opted to try the NEW yamaha 1.6.0 Drivers... "Now remember I'm using VISTA x64 bit. " I tried the same configuration as the last driver -- x64 bit driver -- x32 bit extensions --- come to find out that the 32 bit extentions WON'T install in Vista x64 bit..... So I said, ok... Guess I have to try the x64 bit extensions--- So I Did.... Sweet spot data manager soon followed ----Realized a NEW development that the HARDWARE MIX button would NOT activate when I press it..... (The Cubase LIGHT was still on though) Still decided to reloaded the song in Cubase again ---- AND SPIKES SPIKES (and this time) - WORST SPIKES THAN BEFORE..... and just to be sure, i Tried different songs with LESS plugins and got the SAME result...

So..... Being real frustrated by now (Since I've had stability with both mixers since the 1.2.0 driver came out ) I went ahead and tried different things

1. Unistalled 1.6.0 drivers again (and I removed everything from the
registry and all directories and stuff-- sort of a common practice for
me when uninstalling)-- reinstalled 1.2.0 drivers...--- SAME

2. Decided to put back my lynx two card -- (which probably was a stupid
thing to do) but i wanted to try everything I could think of and -----
It made absouletly NO Difference -- which was to be expected...

3. Took back out the Lynx two card - re-tried the 1.6.0 drivers again --
Same result.....

4. Uninstalled -1.6.0 drivers and reinstalled 1.2.0 drivers --- SAME

5. Decided to look on the Net for Help -- Found on a cubase forum that
a DEFAULTS.XML file that houses preferences for cubase could
sometimes get "corrupted" and cause spikes -- so I hunted this file
down In "Users/Name/Appdata/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase
studio 4/defaults.xml---- and erased it.... Reloaded cubase
and got the Hardware Mix button back to work but still Spikes,
Spikes and More Spikes......

6. Then I decided to Add a PCI firewire -- (Texas Instruments
chipset) --- Same Result -- Been using the Firewire port on my
board ever since with the same chipset...

7. Took out firewire card --- Reinstalled Cubase --- and Changed
firewire cable -- and reinstalled 1.2.0 drivers AGAIN -- Reloaded the
song and BINGO ----
NO SPIKES --- BACK to NORMAL -- Back to Happy days for me.....
or so I thought.........

Finally i Decided that I wanted to change a Particular part in the same Song that I had mixed the saturday before..... (So Please note that the ASIO Spikes are Gone and The VST Meter is back to normal)... Now I had the song running in Cubase Studio 4 -- I Changed a piece of instrumentation(everything good so far) --- Recorded the mixdown wav file --- (Still good so far) -- Went back into the already saved file I had with my mastering settings (cause I master with Cubase) --- Again all my settings were stored in that file with regards to Plugins = eq - comps - limiters and what not ---- Finally recorded my Mastered wav file ---- Played it back and all of a sudden - My New Master file sounds WEAKER that my original Master file back from Saturday ... What the ???????..

With all my settings reading exactly the same --- The sound is Lower - less punchy and stereo imaging is narrower... Huh?????? I can't figure out what happened......

So my question is -- Has anyone had a problem like this where a complete mixdown was done --- (You stored all your settings both on the Mixer and in Cubase obviously) -- went back to the same song days/weeks/months later and found that the sound was different??????

PS: This has happend to me on two occasions before with two different songs....

PS: Yea I know this is REAL LONG - but sorry I tried to explain this a clearly as I could--- Any response would be greatly appreciated....
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