[Music]HornForHire/surfer/Lenny - Everybody's Fine - NEW MIX

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Re: [Music]HornForHire/surfer/Lenny - Everybody's Fine - NEW MIX

Post by HornForHire »

Hi Bob,

Thanks for listening, again! 8-)


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Re: [Music]HornForHire/surfer/Lenny - Everybody's Fine - NEW MIX

Post by Jonathan5456 »

Hey Wim, sorry for the late reply. Been moving home and no connection yet, can only check stuff at a friends at the moment so I'll just give a couple of examples.

At 00:31-32 I really liked the kind of "ay" sound for everybody's fine. But at like 00:37 I've no idea what those words are :P I can't figure it out :D
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Re: [Music]HornForHire/surfer/Lenny - Everybody's Fine - NEW MIX

Post by twilightsong »

Just hearing this tonight. Very tasteful! My main gripe -- and it's a big one -- is the drums are fairly lifeless and boring, and it's dragging the whole track down. Plus, some of the fills simply don't cut it. Sorry!

My suggestion is to get a real drummer for this and let him go to town on it, to do his own "Danny Serafine" on it -- I truly believe it would transform this otherwise fine track.

Maybe Nerg is available, and willing to do it on the cheap 8-)
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