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Nuendo 8! - Official Preview and further information

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:30 pm
by TimoWildenhain
Dear forum members,

Steinberg is pleased to officially preview Nuendo 8 at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2017 in San Francisco,
March 1 -3. The official Nuendo 8 preview teaser is now available at

Hello Nuendo 8!
Steinberg has decided to skip the intermediate .5 update (Nuendo 7.5) in favour for something even bigger: Nuendo 8.
Nuendo 8 has been developed with several workflows in mind: editing and mixing for audio post-production, dialog replacement, game audio production, game sound composing and common sound design tasks. Being the most elaborate DAW software ever created by Steinberg, Nuendo 8 introduces a plethora of Nuendo-exclusive new features alongside all features from Cubase Pro 8.5 and Cubase Pro 9.

Here’s an exclusive, brief rundown of the Nuendo 8 new features and functionalities:
o Game Audio Connect 2 for composers (interactive music workflow)
o Direct Offline Processing with LIVE!Rendering
o Sound Randomizer for creating tons of randomized sounds from one file
o Auto ReNamer for renaming large amounts of audio events (csv files)
o User profile manager for managing different user settings
o New video engine for more stability and independence from QuickTime
o Automatic speech alignment (available for free in an 8.0.x update)
o Sampler Track for turning a sound into an instrument (e.g. from MediaBay)
o Faster access to render export dialog
o Remote-ADR ready: ready for distance-ADR products to be released still in 2017!
o MixConsole History for elaborate undo-operations in the MixConsole
o New Frequency EQ with 8 bands, linear phase mode and M/S option
o Audio-Ins option for VST3 instrument plug-ins (supporting side-chaining)
o ProSoundEffects Hybrid Library 2017 (selection) adding 300 MB more sounds
o HALion Sonic SE 3 – latest version oft he HALion Sonic SE workstation
o New plug-ins including Retrologue 2 and AutoPan
o Reworked plug-ins such as Compressor, Expander and Maximizer
o 64-bit only application for better performance
o Final Dolby Atmos® support release and RMU Connector release
o Plug-in Sentinel scans all your plug-ins to prevent an instable system
o New zone concept

o Reintegrated from NEK:
o Score Editor
o Drum Editor
o VST Expression
o Hermode Tuning
o List Editor
o Chord Track
o Chord Pads
o Groove Agent SE 4, Beat Designer

Bye bye NEK!
After a decade of separating Nuendo into the Nuendo core application and the Nuendo Expansion Kit for music-related tasks (NEK), Steinberg decided to re-integrate all NEK features into Nuendo 8. All new Nuendo 8 versions as well as all Nuendo 8 updates will include the whole Nuendo package.

More features in the making!
While there won't be .5 intermediate updates any longer (like Nuendo 6.5), we plan to provide features more frequently, even in smaller updates, alongside the major releases. For instance, within the Nuendo 8 lifecycle we plan for an update providing more cue-sends.

This is an official preview, but no shipment announcement. Nuendo 8 is still beta. We expect the release of Nuendo 8 for mid of 2017. Official pricing will also be available upon release.

More information on Nuendo 8 will be provided over the next weeks and months.
If you are at GDC 2017, you're invited to join us at the Audiokinetic booth #524 for an exclusive demo of Nuendo 8!
Nuendo 8 will also be shown at ProLight&Sound Frankfurt, NAB in Las Vegas and Broadcast Asia in Singapore.

More shows to be announced!


Re: Nuendo 8! - Official Preview and further information

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:48 am
by nancytaut12
I took a break from gaming and look what I missed (sigh) The preview is just awesome. Official pricing a little bit high but I will give it a shot. No .5 Updates...why? Cry...