Speaker Management in Elements 8

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Speaker Management in Elements 8

Post by dickiedrummer » Thu May 09, 2013 11:50 pm

I've just been reading the info on Wavelab Elements 8, wondering if I should upgrade from WLE 7.

I am used to using control room facilities in my full version of Cubase7, and love the facility to choose different speaker set-ups. So I was a little disappointed to discover that the new speaker management addition is only available in the full Wavelab version. I understand that Wavelab needs to offer much more than Elements, but I suspect that like me, many people for whom Elements is sufficient may well be using different speakers for monitoring, and that had this one feature also been included in Elements, it would have made an immediate upgrade very worthwhile!

Anyway I will carefully considert the other improvements in WLE8 before deciding if the upgrade is worth it.
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