Any Improvement To CD Burn Cancel?

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Any Improvement To CD Burn Cancel?

Post by suntower » Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:40 pm

This is probably way too late, but I have one REALLY annoying thing about WL7 Win/64...

-Very- occasionally, the CD burner hangs at the 'Finalizing' step.

But that's not my problem. :D

My problem is that, at any point during CD burning, if you press the 'Cancel' button, whether the burner is hanging, or just because I changed my mind, the Cancel process itself hangs... OR take like 5 minutes (no exaggeration). I have to use TaskMgr to kill WL. Worse yet, if I have Cubase going at the same time, it usually kills the Cubase audio engine---which requires a Cubase re-start.

Anyone else have this issue? Has it been improved upon in WL8? Right now this is about the only reason I can see for upgrading.

Please advise. I'm happy to post a ticket with SB but I really don't have any more details than this. No error msg. Just hangs.

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