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Re: 3 and out

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well, there is one other option. Its an Intel cpu correct? Run windows.

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globewarmer wrote:
PG wrote:WaveLab 8 is not demanding on hardware more than WaveLab 7.0 is.
Again you are right but it is not my issue. The software has been supper and I am sad that my operating system in the new update is unsupported. It also is clear like the other gentelman said "Sell out Mac and go PC". That is the issue really and it seems that the OSX days are part of another debate alltogether. P.C. 7 or 8 is a good way to go to get some ROI. Like I said early on its not about respect its about ROI. And no mater what is said that what just happened to mac pro users like me is enough to make you angry forever with a product. In the end it is not steinbergs problem. But I do think that you should be sensitive to the issue. I have tens of thousands invested in our gear.On a par with a pro tools HD rig. WE use 64 bit cubase 7 and another DAW along with Wave lab. The point here is we are in it for the long haul. It is our life and we take it serious.Losing money keeps me up nights just like every body else. MY Point is( dropping support for a 3 year old system is at least harsh). And I may just take it with a grain of salt but I dont like it at all. Long time user Keith P. Miller akron Ohio PS I am growing quite fond of the new CU7 UI
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