[SOLVED] Official Word on Audiobus Support?

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[SOLVED] Official Word on Audiobus Support?

Post by EkoCentrik »

Hi Steinberg

I have read the threads below relating to Audiobus but wondered if anyone from Steinberg could comment and confirm that Audiobus is definitely going to be implemented? I read somewhere on another website (Synthtopia I think)that Steinberg had confirmed this, but I cannot find any official confirmation on this forum. Also any info on timescales would be welcome.

Thanks for a great app anyway! I've bought Cubasis and really like the workflow and look. If I could record other apps into it, it would be completely awesome!

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Re: Official Word on Audiobus Support?

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Hi there,

As I have written in other posts, we plan to support it as we support other standards such as AudioCopy/AudioPaste. :)
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