[SOLVED] Audiobus in English?

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[SOLVED] Audiobus in English?

Post by Judas666 »

I saw there was a post about audiobus, but since i dont understand German i have to ask, is cubasis going to support audiobus?

And second question, is there going to be a synth in cubasis?

If both questions are answered yes, this would be the best app ever :D


Oliver Imseng
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Re: Audiobus in English?

Post by Oliver Imseng »

Hi Thomas,

The answer was: Audiobus is pretty much in the top positions on the feature request list ;)

So I am sure we will see this soon. The implementation is pretty straight forward, most Dev's are able to implement it in a couple of days. Given the ressources Steinberg has I guess we should soon the light of this new era.

*just speculation though* :mrgreen:
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Re: Audiobus in English?

Post by atlatnesiti »

Well, let's hope that you're wright and we will see AudioBus update really soon. It took Korg to update ALL their apps with AudioBus, Virtual MIDI and Background Audio just 7 days - all of them available as from today ;)


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